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Hey there, and welcome to the Forgotten Organization!  For some reason, this castle was taken off of the map...  Well, regardless,we are willing to accept you with open arms! (and not just because there is nobody here, either.)

Please read the rules and joining procedures if you are indeed interested in joining this fair little Organization here, okay?

:pointr: General rules / Events
:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletred: There are no new events at this time.

:pointr: Joining and submitting procedures

:pointr: Members

:pointr: Missions

:pointr: Weapons, elements, and worlds

:pointr: Mission completion

:pointr: Chat

Please don't be intimidated on commenting on a journal to point out a mistake.

Welcome, and enjoy your stay here at the Forgotten Castle!

:star:  :iconforgotten-org::iconforgotten-org::iconforgotten-org: UPDATES :iconforgotten-org::iconforgotten-org::iconforgotten-org:  :star:

:new: I am sorry, it seems I'd become quite distracted. Nevertheless, I'll be fixing up the rules and such to match the workings of a group, as I said I would...quite a while ago...


Well well, the club is now a group. I'd like to ask everyone to join again, if that's alright. Go to...hmm, I'm not sure exactly how this works. On our front page, in the blue box, I believe. I'll work on changing some of the rules to better match the workings of a group rather than the club it was before. Or, know what I mean. Please rejoin, anyway. And then resubmit your character sheets using that blue box again, if that's alright. As you submit your own, I will remove the club-submitted ones so as to prevent losing anyone.


So, the Christmas event was not appealing to anyone? Did I introduce it too late? Well, I suppose I should ask, what kind of event should we hold next? I'd like to do something that appeals to everyone. And hopefully gets us, as an organization, back on our feet again...

Have we been using the chat at all? I haven't had a chance to really pop in there. So much work...I would like to get to know you all, though. So if you get a chance, please stop by.

One last, ehm...little thing. Has anyone seen Kamcx? I haven't been able to find him, myself. I hope he didn't fall asleep somewhere and forget to wake up...


My goodness, how terribly sorry I am for the neglect of this place. I do hope you could possibly forgive me. I awoke this morning to find almost everything in the dear castle covered with was the strangest thing. Did any of you feel it too? I see, many newcomers are meaning to enter the infest--no, no, that is not the word I am looking for. Let me see...oh, forget it. This time could be sent approving new Nobodies. I hope to see you all up and about soon.


P.S. I have received word of a very interesting idea going around, that of a tournament. A tournament specifically for Nobodies. :iconorg-tournament: I do strongly encourage you all to take a look around. This could be a very good chance to test out your skills.

Alright, not much feedback, I must say...but I went ahead and made a chat for us anyways.…


I apologize if everyone's getting sick of constant updates from this place. However, I feel that our second-in-commands are no longer necessary. Try not to think of it as a demotion, though, it's more like shall I put this...thank you for house-sitting, now get out? Ooh, that's not how I mean it, though. Oh, my...Maybe more like thank you for your effort, you are no longer needed Ugh...
Help, Kam?

A-anyways...I've been thinking, and I want to know what you all think. Should we have a chatroom? Please share your thoughts.


OH HAI EVERYONE! It's me, Kamcx, so, what do all my loves think about my new threads? :heart: Well, whatever the case about what you think, i found some old books with some ideas for new missions, since i saw that this place was getting somewhat...boring. I miss all of you guys! Not many of you come to visit me when I'm all alone in that office! I'd be more than willing to have some help, loves~ :heart:

Well...It seems I'm done with my little "hibernation" i had going on, and will be more active and things, loves.

One more thing, I'm still deciding whether or not to throw a party for myself on my birthday, of course, all of you are invited as well. My birthday happens to be on Friday, March 13 this year! How exciting is that! If and when It's held, I do hope that you all can come, yes?

Till next time, loves :heart:


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SkyGyrl Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013
This group looked wonderful =( however it seems inactive. I'll keep an eye on it, so if it does revive, I will join.
Twinhollow Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
This group is so slow try add more art i mean come on when the last time art was had
Greetings, I am Palox of the OrganizationChaotica. I have taken some time to look over your Org, and was wondering if you would perhaps become an Affiliate of ours
Forgotten-Org Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2009
I am so terribly sorry to have taken such a long time to respond. If you are still interested in us, we would be happy to affiliate with you.

OrganizationChaotica Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2009
Do not worry yourself my dears, and of course we would be happy to affiliate with you. Thankyou for replying to our request

Lucrecia92 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2009
Xanele: Happy Valentine's day to everyone! :aww:
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